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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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In Brief

Blade aspires to be Greece’s leading media monitoring and analysis company. This noble ambition is supported by the many years of experience of its founders in both the Media Monitoring and the Information Technology sectors.

Blade blends the old and the new. Its freshness is harmonised with experience resulting in highly studied products for the benefit of its subscribers and associates.

The first products that mark Blade is launching are meant for the press monitoring sector. Soon enough Internet clipping will be introduced and right after that TV monitoring will follow suit. Radio services will come next, and… we shall not stop pleasantly surprising you.

A pleasant surprise with which we start is a revolutionary tool under the name of AMAN Media Manager that will prove to be our subscribers’ preferred method of managing their press clippings.

Contact us to find more information about our products and services and to arrange a free trial.

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