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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Power Up Your Media Intelligence

The power of the Mass Media was and still is undisputed, influencing and guiding, to a great extent the public opinion. We often witness the way the media influence the behavior of the consumers, their political views and other preferences.

At the same time, however, the Media reflect the world as it really is. In order to take advantage of this power, and use it to one’s benefit, one must be well aware of it. One must be aware of its directions, its tendencies, and of its context. Taking into consideration the vast number of the Media that exist today and the limited free time one can devote to observing the Media, this seems rather difficult, if not impossible.

Winners are, usually, the best informed people. And this is precisely the goal of Blade; to keep its subscribers and partners well informed in the best possible way, on time, correctly and smart. Apart from the conventional monitoring services of the newspapers, magazines, television, Internet etc, Blade provides various tools which facilitate the correct filing and archiving of the clippings and their easy retrieval, as well as the quantitative and qualitative analysis of these clippings that lead to correct and useful conclusions.

Press clipping, press monitoring, media monitoring, media clipping, TV Monitoring, TV clipping, radio monitoring, radio clipping, electronic clipping, internet monitoring, internet clipping, statistics, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, amongst others make up the service spectrum of Blade.

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Our free trial subscription is offered for 15 days and is available to any person, company or organisation that fulfill our criteria. Blade reserves the right to refuse, if it sees fit, the provision of free trial services, In the case that your application is accepted, access codes will be sent to you via email along with initial instructions.
1. Complete the free service form. 2. Install the Acrobat Reader (if you have not already done so) 3. You may view your clippings in various ways. 4. Install the AMAN Media Manager. More about AMAN Media Manager...
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